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Our program focuses on kindergarten readiness. The gentle introduction into a classroom setting set our pre-school graduates up for success as they enter elementary school.


In addition to learning academically, it is vital that children have the opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. Our well-rounded approach to pre-school allows children to develop in all areas of childhood development.


Learning to play with peers who have all different personalities can be a challenge to 3-5 year olds, especially if it’s their first time in a group setting. As a staff, we take time to learn through example. We take time to model sharing, using appropriate words and respecting others boundaries.


All children learn differently, so we seek to create an environment that incorporates all 5 learning styles. Each day has a different focus and we use those times to help children through creative ways.


At Kiddie Kollege, there are so many opportunities to create, imagine and explore. We have art, movement, music, story time and so much more every single week. During those times, we provide the structure and allow the kids to travel where their imaginations take them.


We are a Christian pre-school. That means we promote an environment that honors Jesus and respects others. We strive to treat others as we would want to be treated and to use our actions to honor and glorify Jesus.


Mon-Fri: 9am-1pm

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