Program Overview

Our program focuses on four major areas of development: social/emotional, physical, language and cognitive development

Our curriculum is Heggerty which takes a phonics approach to learning the alphabet. In our 3-year old class, this is softly introduced in a classroom setting and reinforced during the day. Our 4’s class builds on that introduction and adds in a more focused classroom time. Finally, our kindergarten readiness program prepares each student for their big step into kindergarten the following school year.

We believe in learning through play which is a highly effective learning technique for pre-school children when done correctly. Children get ample outside time to interact with their peers and learn social development. During our indoor play time, weekly themes are reinforced through creative integration.

In addition to academics, our program offers many specials throughout the week. Art is a daily activity and plays a critical role in development. Since art develops fine motor skills, allows opportunity for creativity and creates room to reinforce learning, it is a central point of the day. Music is taught once a week, but we also have daily songs at circle time and utilize it as a teaching technique all throughout the week.  We also have movement once a week that is taught by a professional dance teacher that is a favorite highlight of each week.

Kiddie Kollege Nursery School has an amazing reputation for preparing kids for the big step of kindergarten while also maintaining an environment that is fun and engaging. We hope your family will come be a part of our community.  

Each day, children will have the opportunity to participate in our amazing circle time. This is when we cover the basics: days of the week, months of the year, daily weather and seasons. This is a great time to highlight special holidays. We love to incorporate music into our circle time! One of the kids favorite circle time activities is our once a month “share day” where they get to bring something in from home to show off to their class.